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From Amanda:

Hello, Amanda  here from Mind,Body,Life,Bowen Therapy and Equine Fascial Release,
I have been living in Albury for the past 7 years, I am a human Bowen Therapist certified through Bowtech and a member of the Bowen Association of Australia. I run a clinic room from home in Lavington. I was introduced to the modality of Bowen Therapy for horses EMRT while veterinary nursing in the North West Western Australia, this inspired me to scratch under the surface of the skin and embark on a journey that has been more than fullfilling, meeting and helping lots of awesome horses and their owners.  Since 1998 l have been working with horses practicing Fascial Release using a mixture of modalities to address what the body presents. During this process l strive to bring the owner into the relationship with their horse via the treatment, we explore responses, the language of pain and how to listen with our hearts to make decisions on their behalf for their best interest.
Body work is a great tool for the equine care toolbox whether you are a weekend trail rider or a hard core competitive rider, if the horse is ridden it will benefit from having releases done. The most unnatural thing we can do to a horse is ride it and this presents in the body over time, issues can arise from ill fitting saddlery, rider influence, injuries or the very nature of the work they are asked to perform.
Fascial release works well if it is implemented on a maintenance schedule after initial assessment ( approx every 4 to 6 weeks depending on workload).  If competing/racing it can  be beneficial prior to an upcoming event ( not on the day), or after the event as part of a recovery routine or as required with maintenance, l leave this to the owners discretion as the horse is the expert on how it feels and the owners know them best.
Happy Horse Care!

Amanda is a huge part of our team, and helps to keep our horses happy, healthy and performing at their best!



Stella Stud- Peta O’Connor

                                                                                 From Stella Stud:


Founded in 2010, Stella Stud specialises in breeding and training internationally-bred Hanoverian horses for the Olympic disciplines of dressage and eventing.

Located in the farming community of Ellangowan, South East Queensland, Australia, the stud is surrounded by over 1,000 hectares of prime cropping country. In addition, we have designated natural grazing and quality artesian water to produce a select number of Hanoverian foals each year. We are 15 minutes from the rural town of Clifton and 45 minutes from the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (Toowoomba). Our key focus is utilising imported frozen semen from internationally renowned warmblood stallions approved for breeding by the highly regarded Hannoveraner Verband in Germany.

The foundation mares of Stella Stud are elite quality Hanoverian studbook mares with proven genetics. We aim to breed intelligent, conformationally correct and athletically gifted animals from performance bloodlines. Our youngsters are raised within a natural herd environment on expansive bushland acreage and each day receive the highest quality plant-based supplements from Hi-Form Australia, as well as organic certified feeds by Harry’s Choice.

We honour riders who pay the utmost attention to the needs of the horse and who are committed to the patient pursuit of classical horsemanship. This includes the correct application of equine biomechanics to ensure the horse develops a sound body, a balanced mind, and a long and rewarding career. We also encourage the study of Vipassana ‘insight’ meditation (as taught by SN Goenka), which leads to a state of egolessness and inner peace. Based on ancient wisdom, to ‘know thyself’ is to ‘know thy horse’ – a noble path for the rider.

My beautiful Zena is from Peta at Stella Stud, I am very privileged to be given such a amazing opportunity n the form of Zena. She has a beautiful temperament and I am super excited for Zena’s future as an eventer! So happy to have Peta on the team!


Horsepower Innovations            

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 4.28.20 PM.pngGeoff Prisk started Horsepower Innovations after deciding to combine his day job with his passion for horses.

Geoff has more than 10 years experience in metal engineering and has experience handling performance horses and racehorses.

Horsepower Innovations is a local company based in Wagga, that build and supply a number of products for us, and our four legged friends.

Horsepower Innovations range of products include showjumps, poles, planks, gates, dazzle boards, jump cups, keyhole tracking, cross-country jumps, portable yards, stables, saddle racks, float repairs, maintenance, and upgrades plus any custom designed stables, yards, wash bays. Covering all your horsey needs!

Geoff is a boiler maker by trade and has had a life-long passion for horses. This experience has given Geoff an understanding of what makes good horse products and how to make products that are safe, affordable and practical.


Ben Neville- Equine Dentist
Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 2.05.03 PM.png

Ben is a member of the Equine Dental association of Australia and has been a Equine Dentist for over 13 years.

Ben has a lovely calm manner and works with the horse to ensure they have a pleasant experience, while making sure the job is done to a high standard. Ben services a large area on the Border and North East Victoria, so give him a call today.


TuffRock Australia

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 8.57.24 PM.png

Volcanoes are powerful earthly formations. When they erupt, the amount of energy that is released from the volcanoes to the air is enormous which is often demonstrated by the huge damage they can cause to the surrounding areas. That is the bad news. The good news is that after the volcanoes gone, they often leave behind special soils in different areas that have high levels of energy to help life begin.

TuffRock invented a revolutionary method to capitalize on that energy. By carefully selecting the right minerals from particular volcanic soils, combining the elements and applying a proprietary technology to enhance their molecular forces, TuffRock conceptualized a range of all natural, powerful, volcanic products for animal health.

TuffRock proceeded to capitalize on this intellectual property and it’s intimate knowledge of volcanic minerals with a view to manufacturing environmentally friendly animal health products. Several years of extensive research & technology development, product development with key industry advisors and test marketing by Steve Hurley and Roger Smith led to the Company, TuffRock Pty Limited being established with Kari Kostamo and John Broadbent in July 2002.

TuffRock’s mission is to research & develop, manufacture and market products that enhance the well being of animals by sourcing high quality volcanic minerals and processing them using its own proprietary technologies.

TuffRock can be found next door to one of Australia’s best wine regions, Hunter Valley, New South Wales, 2 hours drive north from Sydney and less than 1 hour from the best thoroughbred breeding farms in the Southern Hemisphere. Its products are sold nationwide in Australia and the company is currently in the process of establishing its presence in South East Asia, Middle East, UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA. TuffRock continues to work closely with industry to develop specific applications in various regions.

TuffRock’s core competence is it’s intimate knowledge of Australian volcanic minerals and how to apply them in developing world-class animal health products. The company is focusing on selected areas of veterinary markets particularly in areas where strong absorbing and binding / locking capabilities are required. As an example, TuffRock’s product range includes a natural hygiene bedding additive that has excellent ammonia control and equine rotavirus binding capabilities; other products support normal bowel function, aid digestion & feed conversion, maintain general well being or support both normal physiology and collagen generation to achieve results.


TuffRock plays a huge part in seeing my team performing at their best! All my OTTBs get a course of GI, and the Poultice is super to put on any heat, swelling or injury!


The Bit Fitter

Gary is an accredited Bombers Bit fitter, along with decades of experience in the racing industry, so understands what has gone on with the horse in each stage of its life before it reaches me, which helps make the bit fitting process much more streamlined. He knows how the horse works and what I need to achieve moving forward.

Bombers Bits has developed quality equestrian products for over 30 years, aiming to provide innovative solutions to the most challenging problems, especially in the area of bitting.

Every bit is designed for a specific equestrian discipline, mouth type or pressure preference, before being handcrafted with an attention to detail to encourage optimum performance and comfort, and minimum pressure.

For me, this is another piece of the puzzle in helping more Thoroughbreds succeed in life after racing.


EasyShed has been a leading shed designer and manufacturer in Australia for over 35 years. At EasyShed, we understand the extremes of the Australian climate and have continued to design sheds that are unrivalled in their durability and versatility.

Contact Easyshed today for your next Barn, Shelter shed or any other Equine shed needs.

Hanns Horse Transport

Hann’s has been a trusted name for almost 50 years. As horse owners, we know their value is more than a dollar figure. Our horses represent so much more; dreams, pleasure, a passion, a business, a way of life. So when it comes to horse transport don’t just hope for the best, know that you’re using a company who ticks all the boxes. One where the people, vehicles and wealth of experience come together to provide a premium service that’s safe, reliable and stress-free.
We pride ourselves on an incredibly professional, but personal horse transport service covering VIC, SA, NSW and QLD weekly. Subject to space, we can transport your horse between the major capitals vitually any week of the year. No “waiting for a load”, our wheels are turning all year round.

I use Hanns transport to move my horses to and from my base, they are always professional and on time, going the extra mile to make sure the horses are cared for.

Hours For enquiries about coaching or equestrian services, please contact between the hours of 7am-9pm
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