We purchased Zar off Jade in July last year. We wanted to be able to provide a OTTB a great life after racing and this would be my daughters first TB. So we had all these uncertainties leading up to it. We heard about Jade in Victoria and her amazing horses she has and that she is very honest and caring what happens with her horse. So we decided to make the journey to see Zar.
We were welcomed with open arms. We ended up having a few rides before we made the decision. We asked for a Vet check which I believe all
Owners should do. It protects us and protects Jade. She isn’t to know if there is anything underlying.
Well Zar passed with flying colours. So over the last few months he has been in solid work and he is totally amazing. He surprises me every time we go somewhere.
My daughter goal is to do horse trials with him and to work up the grades. We are so happy with having him and he is a very much loved member of our family.
Thank you for all the additional after purchase support and encouragement.

Trudi Ryan Godkin 29/1/20

Jade is the best!! I got my beautiful boy from Jade, I honestly couldn’t of asked for a better horse, she matches horse to their rider perfectly. I’ve had Preachy for about 9 months now and we have achieved so much together thanks to the help of Jade always being there when I have any questions no matter how silly they may be, she has taught me so much about riding 😀

Jenna Todd 29/1/20

Can not recommend Jade highly enough, her dedication to the these beautiful animals is out standing every aspect of their well-being is addressed from teeth, feet, body work, nutrition and their training which covers arena work, jumping, cross country schooling and trail riding etc nothing is left uncovered. She is also a great instructor and mentor, my daughter purchased Preachy from Jade in May last year and Jade has been there every step of the way can’t thank her enough. Wouldn’t hesitate to get another beautiful OTTB from her, her ability to match horse and rider is amazing. Thanks Jade.

Janine Todd 29/1/20

I’ve been riding at JW for the past 4 months and I can confidently say it has been one of the most valuable experiences. I started from barely knowing what “diagonals” are to confidently changing leads in a serpentine pattern. Jade is patient and easy to understand instructor with a passion of her trade and horses to suit your riding skill. If you want to learn to ride, this is the place.

Kyren Cleave 18/1/20 

Jade has a beautiful ability to break down complex concepts into bite size chunks that can be easily understood by all levels of riders. I felt so safe and engaged on my young filly when being instructed by Jade. It takes a village to raise a horse and I’m privileged to have Jade as part of Chica’s village.

Kylie Felton 9/12/19

Jade is in incredible horsewoman that has taught me so very much about riding! As well as being an awesome coach, Jade helped me find my next eventer Mags. I’ve been looking for a very long time and Jade found me the perfect OTT match.
Her knowledge of my riding ability and style made sure that she matched horse and rider perfectly and with Jade, I know that what she says is what you get.
I’m beyond happy with my purchase of Mags and can’t wait for our future, which I’m sure will include as much of Jade’s instruction that I can get. Would recommend Jade to anyone looking for lessons or their next OTT TB.

Amelia McCrabb 5/11/19

Jade has been my instructor for a while now and all I can say is wow!
Through her remarkable patience, dedication and perseverance she’s taken me from being a nervous rider who’s scared to try new things, to cantering a beautifully trained OTTB and has given me the confidence I’ve been looking for with my riding.
I would highly recommend her service which is always full of knowledge and a very welcoming smile.

Asheleigh Doughty 5/11/19

Got my girl Patch from Jade and I could not of asked for a better horse! I live in SA so I bought Patch sight unseen and I hadn’t seen any videos of her ridden either I was trusting in what Jade had said to me and going by her reviews I could tell she was trustworthy, while looking for a horse here in SA I had lots of people who lied and want ridiculous prices for uneducated horses and had one nearly flip on me while I was on him so I really wanted to go through a trainer as they would be the most reliable and although I was anxious about buying sight unseen Jade really made the experience a good one and I’m so glad to have found Patch, she’s the sweetest little mare and I absolutely adore her already❤️

Elyce Shore 3/11/19

I would like to thank Jade and her team for the great work they have done in finding new homes for both Jerry and Zayha. She treated them as if they were her own and made sure they have both gone to loving homes and I will be forever grateful to her for that. I highly recommend Jade if you want to make sure your horse is to go to a knowledgeable, loving home.

Vicki Wignell 1/10/19

Jade was fantastic in finding the new perfect home for my horse. She was great with all details and made the whole sale stress free as it was a hard decision to make.

Sian Robertson 30/9/19

We purchased a thoroughbred mare off Jade a couple months ago and she has been absolutely amazing and everything Jade said she was! We’re extremely happy with how she has progressed! I highly recommend Jade as you get exactly what is shown.. no sugar coating it!!
Thank you Jade!

Sharni Van Werkhoven 19/7/19

Thoroughly enjoyed my x country clinic with Jade today. She is an awesome instructor and I highly recommend her.

Cassie Spencer 18/7/19

Highly recommend Jade and her team at JW Equestrian. I purchased Prince a few weeks ago and the whole experience with JWE was easy from start to finish.
He’s exactly as she described him to be, easy to handle, relaxed and no vices. She has a string of young TB’s from reputable trainers who want the best for their horses after racing and placing them with Jade gives them an excellent opportunity for their life after racing.

If you’re looking for an OTT I’d definitely recommend getting in contact with Jade ☺️🐎

Di Farrington 30/6/19

Jade is fantastic, I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with her! Jade’s knowledge and experience is incredible and I recommend her with confidence 😊👍

Honey Ash 15/5/19

Thank you so much for being such an incredible instructor to Scarlett and Chief! We would be lost without you in our journey. No problem is to big or small and you always go above and beyond and help with anything. Scarlett and Chief are growing together beautifully and Scarlett is more confident with every lesson.
Thank you!

Stacey Butler 15/5/19

Jade is an incredible coach and mentor and has helped me so much with my new horse that she helped purchase with me. Amazing coach that is so knowledgeable and is such a benefit to all my riding aspects and during comps.

Megan O’Reilly 14/5/19

Shout out to Jade! Thank you for being an advocate for the race horses starting new journeys , have personally seen the journey they go on and your dedication to them is second to none . I like the way you match horses to people and put the horses longterm welfare first.

Amanda Page 14/5/19

Jade is AWESOME. I love her teaching methods. She is strong, honest, provides great direction, is encouraging & gains the respect of her students quickly. And the horses too. As a parent I feel so proud of how far along my daughter has come in her lessons and the relationship Jade has developed with her.

Jade is an amazing mentor who goes above & beyond. It really touches my heart when I see my daughter warming up at an event and Jade drops by to provide focus, direction & encouragement. It really changes my daughters thought process & manner.

As an instructor Jade goes above & beyond & we would highly recommend her services

Lisa Paddle 14/5/19

Jade made the process of buying my first horse an absolute pleasure! She spent time getting to know my needs and matched me with the perfect horse. Jade has been in touch every step of the way since the purchase to answer all my questions and make sure everything is going well. I couldn’t recommend her more highly

Brittany Dalton 14/5/19

Jade thank you so much for for working with our daughter and her pony Mavrick you worked wonders with Maverick and the confidence you have given Tayah in only 3 lessons is amazing we feel so lucky to have found you and will recommend your business to everyone that need a great trainer.

Danielle Rizniak 2/5/19

We recently purchased a horse through JW Equestrian for our 12 year old daughter who is moving on from her first and very loved 10 hand Shetland. Jade was very considerate and patient throughout the whole process and even let us come for many rides. I highly recommend Jade and would certainly buy through her again. Thanks for a great experience.

Angela Grantham 22/4/19

Jade was amazing in the purchase of my new horse, Basil. She was friendly and kind and so honest about everything. It was an absolute pleasure (quite rare for buying horses). Loved the experience and so in love with my new boy!

Lily Cox 10/4/19

Jade is a great teacher, her passion for the sport is very evident and her knowledge is amazing. I love with Jade that it’s not just about getting your riding right but horse care is at the fore front of everything she does. Highly recommended for an informative fun filled lesson.

Tanya O’Connor 3/4/19

I recently purchased a lovely horse named Elle through JW Equestrian. From first contact they have been amazing! Communication was fantastic, Jade was very open, caring and informative about the horse and Elle arrived to my place in great condition.
Jade also gave me a care package with Elle that has shown that Elle has had top notch care. I am very pleased with Elle and would definitely buy through Jade again.

Samantha Poulden 23/3/19

We all know it’s not what you know, it’s who you know in this world – luckily with Jade at JW Equestrian you get both! Jade’s horse knowledge is extensive and so is her network. So when it came time to sell my daughter’s horse and even before I had time to dread the prospect of advertising, dealing with tyre kickers and no-shows, Jade had an interested family she thought would be a perfect fit. Our beautiful boy was sold in a week and I couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect home for him. Jade continues to check in with them to make sure things are going well and I get regular updates. And I didn’t have to do a thing! Thanks Jade, for taking the stress out of selling. And for your ongoing help. Highly recommended.

Rowena Newcomen 14/2/19

Jade has been extremely honest with us and has given us on going support with our horses, we have three wonderful tbs from her. I highly reccomend!

Alex Kelly 9/2/19

Jade is amazing! So full of knowledge and always has an answer to every question! Has helped me so much with my mare, and got my awesome new mare for me, is so great at teaching and is able to explain everything in a way that anyone can understand. Best instructor ever!!!

Lara Shannon 8/2/19

Jade is one of the most experienced and professional equestrians I have had the pleasure to meet.
Black Hawk Farm has had many of our top team in her care and we are just so impressed with her dedication and care.

Carolyn Jolley 23/1/19

Jade is a very competent horse woman. Very knowledgeable and a wealth of experience. We used Jade to help with training of our TB who was too advanced for us and this made selling a easier process. Jade sourced a more appropriate TB for our daughter and under Jades guidance as a horse coach our daughters riding ability and confidence has increased tenfold. Thanks Jade. Keep up the good work.

Liza Ryder 17/01/19

Jade’s knowledge and skill comes from years of continued training for self improvement. Her enthusiasm for what she does and willingness to share her wealth of experience comes from the heart. Anyone lucky enough to be taken under Jade’s wing (2 or 4 legs!) is very lucky indeed. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you so much for everything you do. 

Suzie Read 11/01/19

Awesome instructor and is filled with lots of amazing knowledge!

Rory Hamilton 11/01/19

Jade is a wonderful person and an amazing horse woman with knowledge beyond her years. She has helped me become the horse owner and rider i am today and couldn’t thanks her enough!! Jade helped me sell my previous horse who wasn’t suitable to me and was able to found him a wonderful home. Highly recommend jade for any help that you may need.

Carlee Ryder 11/01/19

Hours For enquiries about coaching or equestrian services, please contact between the hours of 7am-9pm
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